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TokyoTreat – A Japanese candy & snacks subscription box

We have recently received a package from TokyoTreat, which contained a delightful assortment of popular Japanese snacks and candies. These 15 items were carefully selected and shipped all the way from Japan, taking approximately 2 weeks to arrive at my doorstep.

TokyoTreat was founded by Ms. Ayumi, a native of Tokyo who had a deep passion for sharing Japanese treats with her friends abroad. This initial idea evolved into a greater mission of introducing the delightful snacks and sweets of her homeland to the global community. As a result, TokyoTreat came into existence.

As a subscription snack box, they offer four plans that are billed monthly in USD. The plans include the Monthly Plan priced at USD 37.50, the 3 Month Plan at USD 35.50, the 6 Month Plan at USD 33.50, and the 12 Month Plan at USD 32.50/ per month.

Each box changes monthly but usually includes 15 – 20 Japanese snacks. Those items consist of a Japanese drink, Japanese Instant Ramen, Rare Japanese KitKat Flavors, crunchy chips and salty snacks, Japanese candy, cookies and cakes.

Here are some of my favorite items from the treat box I received.

The Blueberry Marshmallow was quite unique. It resembled a regular marshmallow, albeit with a delightful blueberry filling. Each piece was of round shape, coupled with a soft and bouncy texture. The delectable treat was rather enticing, making it difficult to refrain from biting into them.

The flavor of this particular Kit Kat is quite appealing to me as a long-time fan of the brand. With each bite, the distinct taste of peach is clearly discernible. In comparison to the traditional chocolate-coated Kit Kats, this variant offers a rather unique experience. If you have a penchant for sugary treats, this could be just the thing to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Green Tea Bouchee is essentially a soft pastry, with a texture similar to that of a cupcake. It possesses a soft and fluffy consistency, with a generous portion of green tea filling in the middle. Biting into it was a delight.

Okonomiyaki are small, savoury pancakes. To me, it resembled corn puffs. Light and airy, it was a good choice for some light snacking.

Sweet Potato Sable Cookie was similar to a butter cookie. Except here, with hints of sweet potato and sesame. The packet included 2 pieces of cookies.

Both of these candies reminded me of Sugus, the shorter one especially. Named Gaburichew Soft Candy, it is of muscat grape flavor, exuding a sour-ish taste. The longer candy was Sour Candy Ribbon Green Apple, similar in taste with the other candy. For fans of sour-ish treats, you’ll like this one.

The Crunchy Chocolate Almond Bites were a delightful treat, consisting of small, round pieces of chocolate-coated almond with a delightful hint of coffee. Each bite offered a satisfying crunch that was truly enjoyable.

Who doesn’t enjoy a delectable bowl of ramen? Certainly, not myself. The Itomen Seafood & Veggie Broth Ramen is a delightful and satisfying choice. It possesses a simplicity that is appetizing. While it can be enjoyed on its own, one can easily enhance the dish by adding delightful accompaniments such as egg, crabcake, and/or fishcake.

Japanese snacks and treats have gained significant popularity worldwide, particularly among individuals who appreciate its distinctive culture. Although I personally haven’t been a fan, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of receiving a box filled with delightful surprises. Some items exceeded my expectations, while a few fell short. Nonetheless, the overall process was enjoyable. As expected, a subscription box typically includes one item each. If you find certain treats intriguing and wish to purchase them, you can conveniently do so from TokyoTreat Mini Mart, accessible through their website.

TokyoTreat Website: TokyoTreat: Japanese Candy & Snacks Subscription Boxes

TokyoTreat Mini Mart: Mini Mart | TokyoTreat

Signing off now, Ciao.


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