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FLOUR KL at Jalan Imbi, KL – A memorable experience ๐Ÿ˜

Rarely do I find myself departing from a restaurant in a state of pure astonishment, my mind still savoring the exquisite flavors experienced moments ago. In fact, even days later, the memories of my visit to this establishment continue to replay in my thoughts with remarkable clarity.

If you are acquainted with FLOUR KL, they first started operations in Damansara Heights approximately six years ago. I can vividly recollect my favorable experience at their establishment. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a lively atmosphere, as the restaurant was completely occupied. We decided to savor their delectable Chicken Biryani and Thali Set, both of which exhibited impeccable flavors. Regrettably, FLOUR KL closed its doors permanently, leading me to believe that it was the end of their culinary journey. However, much to my surprise, they resurfaced amidst the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The restaurant emerged in a different setting, offering a blend of French techniques and Indian cuisine with a price range that exceeded most local Indian eateries. As always, we humans tend to judge based on initial impressions, and in the case of FLOUR, the outlook was not favorable. As my companions and I saw it, why pay a premium for something that is not authentically Indian? As a result, FLOUR was tossed into the ‘not likely’ to visit bucket.

Boy, was I wrong. After recently having the opportunity to dine at FLOUR, I must admit that my initial impressions of this restaurant were completely misguided. If you are interested in indulging in a unique culinary experience, one that deviates from the traditional perception of Indian cuisine, especially in Malaysia, I highly recommend giving FLOUR KL a try. While the prices here may be higher than average, you will soon realize that you are indeed getting your money’s worth by the end of your meal.

Chef Yogi (Chef Yogesh Upadhyay), the owner and head chef of this establishment, best encapsulates his philosophy by stating, “It is important to approach the dining experience here with an open mind and an open heart.” If patrons come to FLOUR expecting the appearance, presentation, and taste of their food to be a certain way, they may find the experience challenging to comprehend and possibly disappointing. Thus, it is advisable to maintain an open mind, embrace the difference and enjoy the process.


FLOUR KL is a French Indian Fine Dine restaurant. For those who would like to experience the cuisine while being mindful of their budget, do consider trying their Tasting Menu. This menu offers a selection of dishes in small portions, served as a complete meal. Alternatively, you may opt for the Ala Carte Menu, which features a wide range of appetizing dishes in full portion sizes. Please refer to the attached menu for information on the variety of choices available.

They accept a limited number of patrons for dining, creating an intimate atmosphere for both customers and Chef Yogi. Chef Yogi takes the time to personally visit each table and provide detailed explanations of each dish. This greatly enhances the dining experience. If you enjoy conversation, Chef Yogi is more than willing to engage with you. Having traveled extensively, he has sampled the finest cuisine from around the world. His culinary journey is captivating, and he skillfully incorporates his knowledge into his dishes.

** The Menu may change from time to time.

We began with an organic dish inspired by the Indian state of Rajasthan. This region predominantly consists of dry lands and deserts, resulting in a largely vegetarian population. Due to the dry climate, individuals forage for food among wild bushes, and any organic produce they find is prepared with minimal spices and typically enjoyed with yogurt and bread, even in present times.

At the base, there lies a homemade, thickened paste of yogurt. Adorned with French beans and asparagus, accompanied by white cubes of Greek cheese, the entire bowl is comprised of organic components. Should you encounter a hint of spiciness, it likely originates from the four drops of tamarind sauce, presenting a rich brown hue. While the dish may seem unassuming, the flavors are truly delectable. The harmonious combination of these ingredients creates a culinary masterpiece.

Golden Pomfret with Curry Leaves Puree

Next, was the Pomfret. When it initially arrived at our table, it was just the bare fish alone, brown in color. Then, Chef Yogi proceeded to gracefully pour a delectable sauce over it, instantly transforming the dish from being plain and basic to a visually captivating delight.

I really liked this dish. One noteworthy aspect customers can anticipate at FLOUR is the meticulous attention given to showcasing the qualities of each ingredient utilized in their dishes. The Golden Pomfret was delicately marinated and then charcoal roasted, resulting in a delectable flavor profile. Its natural taste was further enhanced when paired with the accompanying sauce. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the sauce was made from a puree of curry leaves, a display of culinary ingenuity. Although curry leaves are typically used solely as a garnish, experiencing them in pureed form was truly a revelation. Blindfolded, I would have easily recognized the distinctive presence of curry leaves in the sauce, as their flavor was unmistakable. The harmonious combination of the sauce and the fish offered a delightful culinary experience, one that I savored with every bite.

After the Golden Pomfret, it was followed by Chicken Biryani, Prawn with Coconut Milk, Butter Chicken, Puri and Laccha.

Chicken Biryani, Prawn with Coconut Milk, Butter Chicken, Puri and Laccha

Chicken Biryani

This dish comprises biryani, a single portion of organic spring chicken, and raita. For those purists who struggle to appreciate the unique form of dishes at FLOUR, this dish would be suitable as it is not significantly different from other biryanis elsewhere. However, I must mention that this particular biryani is truly delightful. The long-grain rice is full of flavor, and the meat is tender and succulent. Typically, I would prefer to have a gravy alongside raita, but in this case, it was unnecessary. The combination of these two components was sufficiently satisfying.

This dish was a winner, a delectable rendition of the famous dish from Kerala, India, known as Kunju Moilee. “Kunju” signifies prawn, while “Moilee” denotes the prominent use of coconut. The prawns are meticulously sourced from Semporna, Sabah, known for its exceptional seafood. Regrettably, the locals in West Malaysia seldom have the opportunity to savor such high-quality seafood, as they are predominantly exported. However, I can attest that the difference in taste is unmistakable when trying the Kunju Moilee here. It exudes a sweet and delightful undertone that pairs beautifully with the marvelous coconut milk. Prepared with minimal ingredients, the pure essence of the dish shines through, leaving a lasting impression. This extraordinary Kunju Moilee is undoubtedly a culinary experience that will remain ingrained in my memory for years to come.

Spring Chicken & Tomato

Spring Chicken & Tomato is FLOUR’s rendition of the renowned Butter Chicken. Comprising succulent spring chicken Tikka pieces and seasoned Italian Marzano tomatoes, this dish was a delightful creation, tailored to my preferences – presenting a thick, luscious, and creamy gravy accompanied by a generous serving of tender chicken.


I have never been particularly fond of Puri. The local varieties I have sampled tend to be excessively greasy for my taste. However, the Puri I had the opportunity to try here, despite being fried, the wheat bread had just a little sheen of oil. Most importantly, it was delicious. Upon taking a bite, one can immediately appreciate its thin texture, which means consuming two pieces would not have as much of an impact in terms of calories. Given that it is a rare occurrence that I’d like this particular Indian bread, I would gladly order this roti again.

Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry and Kubhani Ka Meetha

Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry

The desserts here were truly delightful. If you have a preference for desserts but don’t particularly crave overly sweet flavors, the Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry will surely meet your satisfaction. The chocolate has hints of dark chocolate, allowing for a pleasant taste of bitterness upon each bite. The chocolate mousse itself was not overly sweet, but rather complements the tartness of the raspberries phenomenally. It was a flawless blend of flavors that harmonize impeccably.

Kubhani Ka Meetha

This dessert was truly unique. I’ve never had an apricot tart before and as far as first time goes, this one here kind of blew my mind. This was FLOUR’s version of Kubhani Ka Meetha, a popular dessert made of apricots, from the Indian state of Hyderabad. As I am a fan of apricots, I experienced sheer delight as I indulged in this masterpiece. The intricate layers of the tart were noteworthy, with a delicate and crispy base, generously filled with a luscious apricot compote. The addition of strawberries provided a delightful touch of tartness, perfectly complementing the sweetness of the tart. This harmonious medley of flavors was truly delightful. I am genuinely enamored with this dessert.

We concluded our dining experience by indulging in a comforting, fragrant serving of Masala Chai, the very beverage that captivated our hearts with FLOUR all those years ago.

Overall, the dining experience at FLOUR was truly delightful. I deeply regret not having visited sooner. The food was truly remarkable, conveying Chef Yogi’s evident love and passion in each dish. The cuisine is characterized by its simplicity and cleanliness, with a unique twist. The chef’s adeptness in crafting flavors truly tantalized my taste buds. Even days later, I find myself utterly captivated by the exquisite flavors I had the pleasure of savoring. Without a doubt, FLOUR is well worth a visit.

Address: 12, Jalan Kamuning, Off Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs, 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm. Fri to Sun, 12 pm – 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm

Reservations: FLOUR Restaurant – Jalan Kamuning, | TABLEAPP

Website: FLOURยฎ RISES โ€“ Redefine, Recreate, Reinvent Indian Cuisine (flourrestaurant.com.my)

Contact Num.: 012 – 960 0053

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