Lets see. I have a name, but I prefer to remain anonymous, for reasons my own. So, meanwhile, to simplify things – call me Bunny. I am a young lady hailing from Malaysia, in my late 20’s. My majors in college varied, all of which entailed me to depend on writing as a medium of expression, which explains my flair for dramatics. I can be direct while being indirect, clear while being subtle. Get my drift?

Blogging never crossed my mind. Not when I was down in the gutter, and certainly not when I was/am dancing among the stars. What got me started was based on a suggestion by someone very dear to me. Since I loved food, café hopping and discussing – all three vital aspects to a good blog, it was suggested that I would be good at it. So, here I am, giving it a try.

My focus will solely be on food and cafes, restaurants in Malaysia, specifically in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. I will not only be penning on the good stuff, I will most definitely include the negative, bad, outrageous, as you will soon see. I promise to make each post as personal and entertaining as possible, scouts honor. With time, I will only get better.

That is all for now, Cheers peeps.

Signing out , Ciao.