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Cue@27 @ Seapark, PJ – A hidden gem 😍😍

Did I mention that I loveeeee discovering hidden cafes? There is something utterly appealing about its elusiveness and exclusivity that I love it.

I came to know about this eatery from Facebook, saw a posting by one of my friends regarding a hidden cafe with good food in Sea Park. A hidden cafe? Heck yeah!! That sure did catch my attention, all right. I got right onto Google to check out their reviews and it all sounded positive and good. Time to drop by for a visit, ey?

Cue@27 is a new eatery, opened early this year. For now, dining in is by reservation only. I liked the whole exclusivity of it, made me feel like a freaking VIP, yawww πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

These were the things I did prior to my visit:

First, I sent a whatsapp message to 016 – 627 8270 to make a reservation. Once they got back to me regarding the available slot, I booked it.

Next, I decided to place my order early. It is not a must, totally up to you. Around my reserved time, I was told that another group, a larger one will also be there. So, to prevent a delay in getting my food, I decided to place my order before my visit. (You do not have to pay $$$ beforehand)

Then, once you arrive at your reserved time, you’d see a closed, locked door. Do call the same number to let them know you have arrived. Someone will head down to unlock the door and let you up.

This is a hidden gem, for sure. You could easily walk passed it without even knowing of its existence. In case you were wondering, the entrance of Cue@27 is located next to the cafe – 270sqft. So, look out for that if everything else fails, lol.

As I mentioned previously, the whole experience was awesome, the feel of exclusivity made me feel like a VIP, right? Yea, you’d feel special from the get go. While waiting downstairs at the entrance, there would be people walking by as well as customers going in an out of 270sqft, a number of them will be wondering why are you standing in front of a closed door, right until the point where someone unlocks and opens the door for you. When that happens, half of them will go “ooooooo I see” and the other half will be confused because from the outside, there is no telling what Cue@27 is … and me, what do I do? Like a peacock, I strut away with an attitude, lol because I get to enter and you all dont. Boohoo.

Anyways, once you’ve been let in, you head up the stairs to Cue@27.

It was small, cosy and comfortable. The dim lighting exuded a rather peaceful, relaxed vibe. This could be where you head to for some afterwork chillin’. It could also be a suitable avenue for a romantic date. Plenty possible depending on what you fancy. One thing is for sure – it is a nice place to chill. Right now Cue@27 is in expansion mode. At the moment, the front half of this eatery is open to customers. They are expanding the back side into what would be a bar in the near future.


Here, they have their fixed Menu. Besides that, they also customize dishes. For instance, if you have a specific dish in mind, perhaps one with a uniqe combination or something that is not already available on the fixed menu, you can also discuss it with these guys. You may never know, the chef may create something just for you.

I got to know about their customized menu via Facebook when I saw their postings about their creations. I ordered three dishes in total, 2 dishes from their fixed menu and 1 dish that was customized to my preference.

Fixed Menu: Sausage & Mash, RM 11.90 + Flying without Wings, RM 13.90

Sausage and Mash
Flying without Wings

The dishes were yummy. The mash was buttery and smooth, having it with the gravy was da’ bomb. The sausage had a slightly tougher outer layer, the inside was meaty and chewy. I’d usually need some chili sauce on the side but it was not necessary here because the sausage with the mash provided me all the flavors I needed.

Flying without Wings consisted of 6 pieces of drumettes. Those chicken pieces were well seasoned, I loved it. In the future, I can totally see myself ordering this dish with a bottle of craft beer while lazing around in the corner after a stressful day at work. The drumettes were a little spicy, a little sweet … flavorful indeed. Me likey. Burp!

Customized Dish: Porglio Pesto Pasta with Pork

If you notice, this dish is not in the Fixed Menu. I specially requested for this dish because my friend loveeee pesto, he was accompanying me during this visit and since there was a mention of a customized pesto pasta dish on their Facebook page, I decided to try my luck. I asked and they delivered. It exceeded our expectation. When I requested for Porglio Pasta with Pork, I assumed that we were going to get pesto pasta with bits of bacon. That was what I received here and more. The ‘more’ here was a generous portion of medium sized pork pieces. Fuh, “sedapppp oooooo”. The pesto pasta by itself was da’ bomb. More often than not, pesto pasta will either end up being too creamy or too oily, with the taste of pesto drowned. Here though, the oilyness and the amount of pesto was equal which resulted in the pesto shining through the oilyness. Flavorwise, it was on point. Add in some crispy bits of bacon … yum!. With the flavorful pieces of pork meat on the side, it was like 2 separate dishes combined into one. Those medium sized pieces of pork was flavorful, delicious with the right amount of chewyness. If they made this a dish by itself, I would order it when I need a starter. Whatever it was marinated in, it was really good. Having it with the pasta was divine. Thank you, chef. You said that this was your first attempt at this dish and it turned out great. Thank you πŸ™πŸ™

I had a good time at Cue@27. The food was great, ambiance was good, customer service was awesome. A positive experience all around. I’d be back.

Address: No. 27, Jalan 21/1, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am – 10 pm. (Currently undergoing a small renovation. Will reopen during the weekend)

FB page:

Contact Num.: 016 – 627 8270

FoodPanda link:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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