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OGA Tea & Dining at Imbi, KL

Since I recently found myself in the vicinity, it was an appropriate time to pay a visit to OGA Tea & Dining. I have come across numerous videos on various social media platforms lately, featuring this café and its visually appealing ambiance. As I’ve always been a fan of aesthetically pleasing eateries, it was a no brainer to pay OGA a visit.

The cafe is situated in close proximity to other popular eateries, such as Blackbixon Cafe and Blossom A GlassMansion – Blossom A GlassMansion at Imbi – A restaurant in an ol’ school mansion (Pork free). Regarding parking, availability is dependant on your luck. There are parking spots within the vicinity of OGA, located at its entrance. In the event that those spots are occupied, an open car park can be found nearby.

Some cafes exude a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. OGA on the other hand, stands out by its tranquil and pleasing color palette, occasionally displaying a subdued ambiance. This establishment carries an air of exclusivity, adding to its unique charm.


Iced Yuzu Honey, RM 11 + Koko Cheese Cake, RM 18

The Iced Yuzu Honey was a simple, no frills drink. If you do not fancy their matcha offerings in addition to tea and coffee, one can consider this drink instead as it was rather refreshing. True to its name, it uses yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, along with honey. However, instead of featuring its usual tart and sour taste, the yuzu in this drink resembles the texture and flavor of an orange marmalade jam – simultaneously sour and sweet. It is a delightful drink to enjoy on a cloudy afternoon.

As I visited OGA just after having lunch elsewhere, desserts is a far as I can go in terms of eating something. They offer quite the selection of desserts here, half of which is matcha based. Me personally, if given a choice between green tea and chocolate, more often than now, I would pick the latter. This preference held true when I selected their Koko Cheese Cake. If I were to be blindfolded while tasting the cake, I would not be able to identify the chocolate nor cheese in this dessert. The distinct taste, unlike the majority of other cheesecakes, lingered on the palate without being overtly obvious. The texture of the cake was dense, creamy, and moist, reminiscent of fudge in certain sections. In terms of flavor, it offered a gratifyingly moderate sweetness.

Would I head back here? Perhaps. My visit to this eatery was brief due to a work meeting I had to run off to. In the event that I find myself in this area of KL again, I may consider revisiting OGA and perhaps indulging in one of their signature dishes. Given their selection of Japanese dishes, I am tempted to have lunch at this establishment in the near future.

Address: 18, Jalan Kamuning, Off Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Daily, 10 am – 10 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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