Ayam Madu Famous Fried Chicken Nasi Kandar

Kudu bin Abdul @ Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Chow Kit – Tasty & affordable Nasi Kandar (Halal)

This is one of those nasi kandar restaurants that has been around for decades. It was uber popular back in the day and from the looks of it, it still is to this day. I’d say that Kudu bin Abdul is an accidental discovery in my books. I have never heard of this eatery until my visit to Restoran Kin Kin last week. We had to drive past Kudu to reach Kin Kin and what caught my attention was the people lining up. The line was soooo long that it extended beyond the shop, all the way onto the sidewalk. From then on, I was intrigued. I was really curious about the food served here, mainly Nasi Kandar. There is literally a nasi kandar shop at every corner here in KL but I haven’t come across one with ques extending all the way out of the shop, daily. Seriously, no joke. I’ve driven passed this eatery 3 times the past week and in all those times, the que was loooong. It starts picking up around 11 am and dies down after 2.30 pm.







Parking was rather easy. Unlike other parts of the city where parking is scarce and expensive, here, there are plenty available but most often occupied. Good news is that people come and go regularly, so chances are that you would find a parking spot if you are willing to wait. Most people seem to park everywhere, in every possible empty space they can find, even in spots that aren’t designated for parking. Most of the time no one cares and loads of folks get away with it but if it is your unlucky day and the police/DBKL decides to pay a visit – you’d ‘kena saman’. I saw many cars getting fined today … so yea, it’s up to you. Be a law abiding citizen or not. 

How to order. The que for the nasi kandar at Kudu may be long but it moves fast. It works the same way it does like every other nasi kandar restaurants. You wait in line and when your turn is up, you inform the guy behind the counter what items you would like on your plate. After your plate is filled up, you take your plate and payment slip/receipt to your table and enjoy your meal. Once that is done, make your payment at the counter and buh-byeeeee.



Plate 1: Rice + Fried Chicken + Cabbage. 7 ringgit 


Plate 2: Rice + ‘Ayam Madu’ + Bendi/ladies’ fingers, 7.50 ringgit



After tasting the food, I think I understand why the long que. Is this the best Nasi Kandar I’ve tasted? No, it is not. It is definitely good, ‘sedap’ but it is not the best there is out there. The appeal here is the good food + affordable price point. Who can resist that combination, right?? It is ‘mamak’ food at its best. Food-wise, I was happy with everything except the Ayam Madu. I was expecting tender chicken with thick, sweetened honey syrup coating but here, it was done differently. Tender chicken it was but the ‘madu’ part was missing. In its place was some other gravy with onions. Besides that, food was yummy. The curry was thick and flavorful, the fried chicken was chewy yet tender. Bendi and cabbage were awesome additions in making both plates wholesome.


Address: 335, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Chow Kit


Opening hours: Mon – Thurs, Saturdays, 8 am – 7 pm.

Fridays, 8 am – 12.30 pm, 2 pm – 7 pm.

Sundays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao



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