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Do not let the name fool you, it does not only serve chapati. You can look forward to having many other variations of rotis, rice, vegetables and meat. Located in Subang Jaya, this half a year old restaurant has been garnering much attention for its authenticity in preparing indian dishes. This point is further evident as soon as I arrived for dinner there. It was full house and if I was 5 minutes late – i would most probably be in the line that was already forming at the front of the shop, waiting for a vacant table and seating. No Joke.


This is not a high end restaurant.However, on weekends and peak hours, it is safer if you call them to reserve yourself a spot – or else, you would need to wait. It is brightly lit and has beautiful indian art works. the people working there were friendly and service is fast and efficient. The whole cafe atmosphere is loud, noisy and jovial. When you get a bunch of punjabis together – you are bound to get a noisy and gregarious surrounding. Boy, did I love it. It was not noisy in a sound pollution kind of way, it was more in an inviting manner – the kind that indirectly calls to you and say “Hey, come and join us!”.


Chapati, 2 ringgit


This was authentic chapati. In order to save cost, a significant number of restaurants these days use the same flour used to make a roti canai, into a chapati – and it taste gross. This defeats its purpose, because if you need one clear distinction between a roti canai and a chapati is that the former is unhealthy and the latter is a lot healthier, so using a roti canai flour to make chapati is just a waste. Big Singh Chapati House serves authentic chapatis – Yay! In a nother attempt to save cost, a number of restaurants also decided to resize the chapatis they serve, mostly in half of its original size while charging the same price, if not more. This too was not the case at this chapati house. You will get yourself a freshly made large healthy chapati.

Bengan Bharta, 11.90 ringgit


The main hero of this dish was eggplant. So, if you fancy that, do give this a try. It was delicious. However – be warned, it is really spicy. It sneaks up on you slowly and blindsides you after a few spoons. I can handle my spices but even I had a runny nose when I was done with this dish. Other than that, if you love eggplant, enjoy some spiciness and a challenge – go for it.

Tikka Masala, 19.90 ringgit


This was their recommended chicken dish. You get several chunks of boneless chicken with plenty of flavorsome spicy gravy. However while it is spicy, it is not even close to the eggplant dish – so worry not. I liked this dish, tasted like a home cooked meal and it certainly complemented the rotis I ordered.

Paneer Parotha, 6.90 ringgit


This was a large filling roti and they sure did not stinge on the paneer. Β For those who are not familiar with what paneer is – it is a type of cheese that you find predominantly in South Asia and is used abundantly in Indian cuisines. I am a big fan of paneer, anytime I get a chance, I would order fried paneer, palak paneer, paneer naan and parotha among others. If you are a fan or paneer, then this roti will be great for you, you will get a taste of paneer with every bite you take.

Would I head here again?

Ohhhh Yes!

Address: No 41, Jalan SS 15/5A, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 11 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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