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Kannaa’s Masalla Bamboo Briyani @ Kinrara, Puchong – Yummy Briyani!

We were in the Kinrara township, Puchong for a meeting and since we were in the area, today would be a good day to give this restaurant a try. 

What they are known for is their Bamboo Briyani. Serving briyani in a natural-like produce has become a ‘thing’ of late and has garnered quite a following. First, there was the claypot briyani, then coconut briyani followed by bamboo briyani. It has a certain novelty to it, the fact that it is served in something that isnt the usual variety has a certain appeal. I however, never really bothered much when it came to all these trends, I’d go anywhere if the food is good, at the end of the day. Based on what I have heard though, this eatery doesn’t disappoint. So, here we go.


The eatery is located in a mini business park? Just about 2 rows of shops? Not the kind of business park that resembles the Taman Desa Business Park – newer, a whole lot more row of shops, well maintained and etc… nope. This mini business park is more old school, the kind that has been there for years. Plenty of car workshops, scrap metal shops and etc. As you enter the vicinity – you would see an eatery in the corner with ‘Masala Bamboo Briyani’ advertised on the outside. The signage is huge, so its unlikely that you will miss it 🙂

The restaurant is simple, nothing over the top or fancy with its arrangement. You can opt to sit inside or outside. The restaurant is not air conditioned. Whether you sit inside or outside wouldn’t matter because of the ‘open’ concept. Worry not though, plenty of fans around to keep it cool. Overall, Kannaa’s is simple, clean and airy. Do expect a loud, boisterous atmosphere with plenty of chatters and laughter. All kinds of races frequent this eatery – Indians, Chinese, Malays and etc.





So, what’s popular here is their bamboo briyani. They offer 5 options – Chicken briyani, prawn briyani, fish briyani, mutton briyani and vege – chicken briyani. For those who do not fancy briyani, they also offer you the usual mixed rice option, whereby you can have white rice with meat and vegetables of your choice.


Chicken Briyani,13 ringgit + Mutton Briyani, 16 ringgit

Chicken Briyani
Mutton Briyani



The serving of the briyani sure was quite the experience. They bring the ‘bamboo’ to the table, then they sort of place it above your banana leaf. They then use a wood of some sort to knock onto the bamboo and little by little you’d see the briyani falling out onto the leaf.  While the guy was knocking onto the bamboo, there was a certain musical element to it, lol. The whole experience sure was fascinating. 

After the serving process is over, you’d be amazed of the amount of rice that a piece of bamboo can hold – a whole lot of rice, and you’d get a generous portion of the chicken and mutton meat as well, with a serving of cucumber, papadum and  acar on the side.

It sure was delicious. I would totally come back for more. The fact that the rice is steamed in the bamboo towards the end made the meat and the rice moist. The chicken literally breaks apart as soon as you start tearing into it. It is packed with flavor with a hint of sweetness. The mutton was chewy but not overly chewy – sometimes you’d find restaurants serving mutton meat that refuses to disintegrate in your mouth despite all the chewing? Yea, the kind that makes you feel like the chewing is never going to end? Yup, that isnt the case here. Here, you chew and the mutton breaks apart easily. Imagine the delicious, tender meat + flavorful, moist briyani rice … soooo yummy! I sure ate like a pig, finished the whole thing, it was enough to last me till the next morning, no joke.


Would I head here again?

I certainly will. The food was great. 


Address: 27G, KS 3A, Kinrara Seksyen 3, Puchong.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 10.30 am – 8 pm.

Mondays Closed.




Signing out now, Ciao.



  1. Love everything you write but please stop writing about different races. WE ARE ONE RACE!! we are in 2018 and still being segregated. And it’s like me going to my favourite hokkien char stall and then someone writes is also enjoyed by INDIANS!! OR HAVING STEAK..AND writing a review enjoyed by non westerners…

    1. Aaaaa, yes 😊 thank you for pointing it out. Will work on it/improve on our future posting. Have a good day.

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