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Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice @ Pudu – A favorite :)

It is the weekend and I needed to top up my biscuit collection – where do I go to? Pudu Market area, of course. There is the row of shops that sells an array of things at a low price with maximum quantity. This particular biscuit shop I frequent is also located within this row. I think it is No 51? Jalan Yew or was it 53? I cant recall but if you see these items displayed at the entrance …….


If you see all these items – then, this is the shop. The biscuits here come cheap, seriously. I got my favorite ‘Fishies’ – 250 gms for only 3.80 ringgit and biscuit ‘Telinga” – 250gms for 5 ish ringgit? Cheap, ey? I certainly stocked up my food storage, lol. Perhaps enough to last me a month before I come back again.Β 


Just a simple display of my artistic brilliance. Just joking – laaaaa.Β  This is just for those of you who do not know what biscuit “Telinga” or “Fishies” look like. If you loveee these sort ofΒ  biscuits, do drop by here. Sedap oooooooo.

Anyways, looking through all these tidbits made me hungry and since Heun Kee was located a few doors away, I decided to have my lunch there. From the biscuit shop, it was hardly 2 minutes away, we walked, no sweat.Β  If you are not a regular, you may overlook Heun Kee because it is located at the corner, which can be easily missed. You’d see Foong Lian Claypot. Next to it, you would see a road, cross it and in the corner, you’d see Heun Kee.


Yup, cross that road and head on over to Heun Kee. I have not been to Foong Lian. Lets just say that this time, I was craving for some ol’ school, nostalgic version of claypot rice – which to me is Heun Kee. That being said, as I passed Foong Lian, they seemed to be doing really well too, so the next time I visit the area, would definitely give this eatery a try


As you can see, it is old school. The kind of eatery that has been around for decades and looks like it. I suppose it is part of its charm. It also tells you that “Hey, I’ve lasted this long … must be because of the good food I offer.” It simply is the general conclusion you’d arrive at.


Claypot Chicken Rice (for 2 people), 22 ringgit



This specific eatery is popular. Known as one of the few eateries in KL to offer good, delicious claypot rice, naturally – we ordered that very dish. Lucky us because we visited around 3 pm, there was no crowd, food arrived within 10 minutes. Our last visit to this eatery, a few years ago, was a different story. It was crowded and took us close to 25 minutes to get a taste. Seriously, having to watch all those claypots passing right through us, heading to other tables – was a torture and this time, we got wiser.

****Rather than having to order two separate claypots for 2 individuals, they suggested that we order their “MEDIUM” option instead which would be perfect for 2 and that was what we did.

Food was good, yawwww. Very good. The pork sausage + chicken + salted fish + rice = Da’ bomb! As you mix the rice, scooping the bottom, the crunchy slightly burnt part mix with the soft, moist part – a perfect combo. The chicken pieces came infused with a ‘kechuppy’ flavor and it literally falls of the bone, the pork sausage provided a sweetness that complimented the saltiness from the salted fish. Truly satisfying to mix it all up and having a taste, you’d get a burst of flavors.

Would I head back here?

Of course πŸ™‚ In the words of my friend, “This is some good shit, yawwww.” Need I say more? Of course, this is not a dish I wanted to eat everyday or even weekly, monthly. So, my next visit will be next year, that is for sure but I will certainly be back.


Address: 59, Ground Floor, Jalan Yew, Pudu

Opening hours: Mon – Wed, Fri – Sun, 11 am – 9 pm.Β Thursdays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.



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