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Lisette’s Cafe & Bakery @ Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar – Love it :)

I have been wanting to give this eatery a try, for a while now but honestly, parking around this particular area can be a pain. Constant road congestion. However, considering how often I loved frequenting DR.Inc, there is only so long that I could put this on the back burner. Lisette’s may have replaced DR.Inc but judging from the few times I’ve driven passed it – it sure does feel the same, although look wise, perhaps more colorful?

It still is an awesome place to hang out at, colorful and vibrant.  I’d bring my laptop, sit outside, enjoy the greens and fresh air, take a bite out of them delicious looking pastries or desserts while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate. Sounds divine, yessss. The only downside is that they only open till 5 pm which kindda sucks because I’d totally drop by after work, catching up on some stuff while waiting for the traffic to ease. Bummer.

Black Nasi Lemak, 28 ringgit

The “Black” part caught my eye. Everyone knows what Nasi Lemak is but Black Nasi Lemak ? Nope. It piqued my interest, hence why I ordered it. The dish was delicious. It came with the usual sides that accompanies a nasi lemak – anchovies + kacang, a boiled egg, cucumber. The ‘sambal’ here was prawn sambal where you would get two medium prawns with a not too spicy onion gravy. On top of that, you’d get thick, flavorful chicken curry which came with about 5 small pieces of chicken and several potatoes. The black rice though was unusual simply because it was black colored rice, lol. Tastewise, you can definitely tel it is not white rice, less starchy? I liked it, liked the whole dish. 

Green Curry Chicken, 28 ringgit

This was another yummy dish. If green curry is what you want, green curry is what you’d get here. Basically, the dish came with a generous portion of green curry + boneless chicken , which by the way was yummy , brown rice topped with an egg with some sliced chili on the side. It was a delicious dish, if you are a fan of green curry, then you’d love this dish like I do.

Would I head back here?

Yes, I would. Love the ambiance, love the food, location is convenient. 

Address: No. 8, Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar

Opening hours: Everyday. 9 am – 5 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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