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Jia Li Mian Noodle House @ Pandan Jaya – Penang Curry Mee … yummmm! Burp!

Okay, so I’ve been in the mood for some curry mee, for sometime now. Every now and then, the craving strikes and this was one of those times. Since I had some time on my hands today, I decided to venture away from PJ, drive out perhaps to Kepong or Ampang. I did what I usually would do – get on to Google to see what is good and after some research, I noticed that Jia Li Mian was mentioned quite a bit on several blogs, apparently the curry mee served at this eatery was pretty good, rated quite highly as well, and so, here I was heading to Pandan Jaya, looking forward to indulge in the very dish I was craving for.




The restaurant is located in a mini business park of sorts. The kind that is low density and houses all kinds of businesses? Yea, that kind. It also is the kind that has been around for years, it looks it. The eatery itself is clean and well kept but heading towards it, depending on where you are parked, it can get a tad messy, especially when it rains. So, if you are a stickler for cleanliness – it would do you good to simply walk outside, by the roadside as oppose to inside,on the walkway in the building, passing through various shops. 


The Menu





Penang Curry Mee (Large), 7.50 ringgit + Penang Asam Laksa (Small), 6.50 ringgit




Penang Curry Mee



Penang Asam Laksa

The food was good, real good. Truthfully, I was not expecting that. Most of the blog reviews I’ve read online are from 2,3 years ago. What usually would be the case with quite a bit of eateries are the deterioration in standards, as the years passed. I do not think that is the case here though, based on what I’ve tasted – food still is good.  I’d say the dishes served here are affordably priced as well. The LARGE bowl of Curry Mee came in a generous portion. It consisted of  the noodle of your choice – I chose Mee hoon + tofu + cockles + pig’s blood cubes + shrimps + cuttlefish + peppermint for garnish. The pork blood cubes, they gave me about 6, 7 pieces, which by far is the most I’ve been given/served, lol. I loveeeee tofu and so, I requested for extras, which they generously provided me with no extra charge at all. I ended up with at least 9,10 pieces of it , yesss!! Imagine them being all soggy as a result of soaking up the curry mee gravy – soooo yummy! The gravy was thick, milky and it was not overladen with heat and chilli, which made it a pleasant experience when one decides to slurp it all up. Sure, eventually, your forehead starts to sweat but atleast you’d still be able to feel your tongue, ey? Overall, it was a joy indulging in this dish here. My cravings were certainly satisfied, momentarily at least. 

The Asam Laksa was awesome too. Although this dish I decided to go for SMALL, the portion was generous as well. The sardines, at most eateries, I’d usually get only one chunk but here is got three, large pieces. Now that, I liked very much. It makes all the difference, you know? Yea yea, I am tad cuckoo when it comes to them sardines. Then, there was the laksa noodles + cracker/keropok + lettuce + shrimp paste + onions + pineapples. A satisfying dish it was. It embodied and fulfilled all the elements of an asam laksa. 


Would I head back here?

Yes, but not as often as I would like to. It was quiet a drive here, 25 – 30 minutes from where I live. When I do fancy a change of scenery and am in the mood for some curry mee and/or asam laksa, I’d sure be keeping this eatery in mind.


Address: No. 19, Jalan Pandan 2/2, Pandan Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. 7.30 am – 4.30 pm


Signing out now, Ciao.




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