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Ivy Corner @ Jalan Sultan, Petaling Steet – A pleasant surprise πŸ™‚ ( Closed till further notice)

It was around 5 pm and the bunch of us just finished getting some work done at a cafe nearby. As all we had were a constant flow of coffeee and ice chocolate, our tummies soon started to rumble. We left and decided to drive around for a bit before deciding on where to eat at as there were lots of options in the area.

Soon enough, we saw this during our drive

Satti Sorru??? It has been ages since we’ve indulged in one. To those of you who do not know what Satti Sorru is – it basically is an Indian version of claypot rice. Besides that, they also have all the usual ‘goreng’ stuff like kuey teow goreng, nasi goreng, mee goreng and etc. Simply thinking about it got us all salivating and that kindda sealed the deal for us. This was where we were going to have our early dinner. It also has been ages since we ate at a stall or ‘gerai tepi jalan’, which made it all even more exciting.

Parking : As we visited in the evening – after work hours, we all parked by the roadside. Everyone else pretty much did the same thing because we did not have to worry about the authorities coming to ‘saman’ us. Of course, if you visit during the day, anytime before 5 pm, that would be a different story but after work hours?? Hehehe 😈😈😈 Not much of a law abiding citizen, are we??

Satti Sorru corner
The ‘goreng goreng’ corner
The Drinks corner.

There were 3 stalls that operated as one. One stall handles Satti Sorru, the other handles the fried noodles and fried rice while the third handles drinks. In the middle of it is where the customers sit. It was a rather small space, with about 4,5 tables but comfortable it was. Nicely aired with fans facing all directions to keep us customers cool. Most importantly, clean too.

I do not know how it is during the day but in the evenings, they seem to be doing rather well. We had to wait for a few minutes for an empty table. On top of that, there were quite a number of takeaways too. So yea, we took that as a sign that food must be pretty good here.

** 12 pm to 9.30 pm : Fried noodles and Fried rice variety. 4 pm – 9.30 pm : Satti Sorru available.

Satti Sorru Chicken, RM 12 + Nasi Goreng, RM RM 7 + Mee Hoon Goreng, RM 7

Satti Sorru Chicken
Mee Hoon Goreng
Nasi Goreng

Food was good, we had a delightful time here. The fried rice and fried noodle arrived first, rather quickly. Both dishes were tasty. The fried noodles had a nice portion of mee hoon with fishcakes, prawns, taugeh and a good portion of onion. The fried rice came with similar items as well as scrambled eggs. We requested for a bullseye. It was yummy. We enjoyed it.

The Chicken Satti Sorru took some time to arrive, nothing too long. Understandable as it does take time to cook it and add on the fact that there were 2 other customers before me waiting for the same dish too. It did not seem like a long wait though, it arrived about 5 minutes after we were done with the fried rice and noodles.

It was hot, fresh off the stove. It was spicy too .. the kind whereby your forehead starts to sweat, lol. The cook did ask us whether spicy was okay and we were all ‘Yesssss!’. When this happens elsewhere and I request for spicy, it rarely is spicy. Here however, if you want spicy – they’ll give you spicy. I missed it …the sweating , the mouth in desperate need for water, your face starting to sweat all over. Kaw kaw, man. This dish is basically a combination of rice + curry gravy + chicken. Ooo man, deliciousss. Thick, spicy gravy. A generous portion of rice and medium size chicken pieces. Yup, we enjoyed it for sure.

By the time we were done, we were stuffed to the max. Decided to walk around for a bit to ease the full tummies. There were plenty to do here. We walked to REXKL, which was just a few doors away. Went up to the books section and ‘lepak’ there for a bit. Then, we moved downstairs, bought a couple of drinks and sat there for a bit. Also checked out their botany section, contemplated buying a few small plants .. still contemplating, lol. Then, we dropped by Vintage 1988 to get a us a scoop of ice cream each, just to cool down the body lah. After that, we continued walking over to Jalan Panggong, which was about 5 – 10 minutes away and headed to Beryls, bought ourselves a bunch of chocolates. Yup, safe to say – we ate like pigs today. Burp!!

Address: Opposite AA Pharmachy, Jalan Sultan. ( lookout for yellow colored stalls)

Opening hours: Sundays to Fridays, 12 pm – 9.30 pm for fried noodles and fried rice. 4 pm – 9.30 pm for Satti Sorru. Closed on Sundays.

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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