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Undisclosed Location at Taman Rasa Sayang, PJ – Ooooo yum 😍 (Pork free)

This was my second visit to Undisclosed Location. My first being when they newly opened, few months ago. Since then, taking into account customer feedbacks and with some R&D, they have revamped their menu and settled on their offerings. All for a good cause because while food was good then, it’s now delicious.

Undisclosed Location is memorable, especially for a fan of Greek Mythology like me. Even before the food tasting, simply by taking in the cafe aesthetics, this is one of those cafes that is rather unique to me. It isn’t everyday that I come across a wall art of Medusa or a statue of a Minotaur. It does stand out, in that aspect.

The cafe is located within a row of shops and occupies a corner lot, has both indoor and outdoor seating. Parking was rather easy. There are parking spots surrounding the eatery. However, depending on your time of visit, you may have to drive around the block a few times before you find an empty spot.


Malaccan Asam Fish Taco, RM 25 + New Orleans Cajun Chicken Wings, RM 21 + Battered Fish with Salsa & Tartar Sauce, RM 36

Battered Fish with Salsa & Tartar Sauce

The battered fish was tasty. The outer layer was crisp and buttery. Plenty of flavor on its own but eating it with the salsa and tartar was da’ bomb. It was a burst of flavors and textures. You’d get the crispyness, butteryness, the tangerine-ish flavor from lemon zest, appealing creamyness from the tartar. I can certainly see why this dish is a crowd favorite.

New Orleans Cajun Chicken Wings

In all honesty, I’ve never really given cajun chicken a try. I’ve seen plenty on tv while watching American cooking shows to know enough that its a dish with a unique mix of spices and is specifically from the state of Louisiana, from its mix of Creole and Cajun cultures. That is all I know about this particular dish. So, when I saw it being available here, I was excited.

It certainly was different from the usual chicken wings available locally. The chicken wings came with 8 pieces of chicken – 4 wings, 4 drummets. It was tender, juicy with plenty of flavor. It was good enough to eat on its own, no side dip was necessary. However, it does come with three options for sauce of which I opted for the tartar sauce. Oooooo yum! That sums it up.

Malaccan Asam Fish Taco

After my previous visit to a certain new establishment offering Mexican cuisine in Damansara Uptown, which was throughly disappointing, I’ve steered clear of tacos for a while. Seeing this Asam Fish Taco on the bestseller list, I figured I’d give it a try. The other two dishes I’ve tried so far tasted awesome and I was hoping for this dish to emulate that….. and it did.

It was made up of dory fish fingers with asam sauce, guacamole, salsa and homemade sour cream. This dish was delicious. If you want a dish that is yummy but does not fill you up to the brim, this taco would be perfect for you.

Coffee Liqueur Kahlua Tiramisu, RM19

What better way to end my trip here with a nice, decadent slice of Tiramisu. If you like a tiramisu with an extra ‘kick’, this would do it for you. The cake is topped with sweet, caramelized almond, walnut combo that provided the crunchyness to an otherwise soft and moist cake. The crunchyness, the sweetness, the slight bitterness, the pockets of creamyness – yea, certainly a delight. I liked it lots.

Overall, my experience here was awesome. Food was good, ambiance was good, customer service was good. Would I head back here? Yes, I certainly would.

** Thanks for having us, Undisclosed Location.

Address: 1, Jalan SS 4c/5, Taman Rasa Sayang, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Mon, Wed – Sun, 11 am – 6pm. Tuesdays Closed

Contact Num.: 012 – 902 6648

FB link:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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