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My Biryani House at KL Trillion, Jalan Tun Razak – Surprisingly good (Halal)

The bunch of us were suppose to meet up for lunch and it was decided that this time, we’ll be eating North Indian food. After weighing in our options, a friend suggested that we try My Biryani House. Google reviews indicated they scored an average of 4.4/5, from over 800 people, which suggested that food here is good.

I however, wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to go elsewhere but sadly, majority rules and I had no choice but to tag along, reluctantly. Yea, I was in one of my moods πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ . As a result of my moodyness, I did not really intent to write a review on My Biryani House. Nope. I simply wanted to sit in the corner and sulk for not getting my way, lol.

** KL Trillion is located in the city, a few doors away from The Intermark KL. If I am not mistaken, KL Trillion includes an office building and a service residence. My Biryani House is located on the Lower Ground floor, you’d be able to see it on your way in. There is an indoor carpark for parking. It cost me RM 7 for two hours.

Image credit : Samina K

I did not take any pictures of the restaurant’s interior or exterior. Completely forgot about it. As stated earlier, I did not intent to review this restaurant. The restaurant was air-conditioned. At the point of our arrival, most of the lunch crowd were already gone. We had the whole place to ourselves mostly. To me, at that point, the restaurant seemed rather gloomy. I don’t know why.

Customer service was good. Orders were taken quickly and food arrived promptly.

I still was not in the mood to write a review … until the food arrived. It was goooooood. A whole lot better that I thought it would be. I sure was surprised.


Chicken 65, RM 13.90

Chicken 65 is a part of their Chicken Starters. As with all other starters, all of us thought that it would come in a small quantity but to our surprise, it was a serving size fit for two. Since it was delicious, we did not mind it one bit. Contrary to other restaurants that serves Chicken 65 deep fried, here it comes with 2 options : deep fried and sauce. We chose the latter. It was delicious. The sauce was spicy with a little sweetness. Lots of chicken, boneless and chewy. I loved it.

Masala Kulcha, RM 7.50

Ooooo man, the roti was delicious. According to the menu, this is a bread stuffed with paneer, onions and coriander. I dont know about that, didn’t really check but it tasted yummy. That is all I care about, its taste and it was good. Crispy and fluffy. Yumm.

Veg Hyderabadi, RM 10.90

We needed something with gravy to dunk the roti in and this vegetable dish was a perfect choice. The gravy was thick and creamy, with plenty of flavor, slightly spicy. There were long beans, peas, paneer, couliflower and etc. This was an awesome dish to have on its own as well as with the roti.

MBH Special Biryani, RM 22

So, the difference between MBH Special Biryani and the usual chicken biryani is that MBH comes with boneless chicken. The dish came in a large portion size, lots of rice. If you are a small eater, the dish can feed 3 people.

Some biryanis are dry and some are dense, wet. I like the latter because when the rice is dense and moist, I find that the spices and overall taste is amplified. I did not need the raita or the gravy that came on the side. Nope, eating the biryani on its own with flavorful, boneless chicken cubes was satisfying. Loved it.

Boneless chicken cubes

Would I head back here? I came here not thinking much about it and I leave it pleasantly surprised. The food was good. I look forward to trying out other dishes when I return next.

Address: LG 03, KL Trillion, Jalan Tun Razak, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday. 11.30 am – 3.30 pm, 6 pm – 10 pm.

FB page:


Contact Num.: 03 – 2716 0455

Signing out now, Ciao.


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